Creative Director | Founder

I’m an expert at details and dreaming up designs that tell YOUR story, a nerd when it comes to all things flowers and plants, and have an unrelenting obsession with approaching my designs through an artists lens; drawing inspiration from interior design, architecture, mother nature and finding unexpected ways to mimic the way in which flowers and foliage interrelate and grow in the wild.

A Brooklyn expat, gardener, designer, wife, and mom, my happiest days are spent out exploring and taking advantage of a more rural, slower- paced and mindful life with my family in the Hudson Valley. Gardening in our yard, foraging in fields, and discovering local flower farms to source my designs bring me so much joy, inspiration and excitement that is the fuel behind all of my work.


We're believers in the magnitude of a moment, whether it's 60 seconds or hours; we're convinced being surrounded by flowers and plants in those special fleeting times, only elevates and emphasizes them more.

The subtle and constant changes in the natural world fill us with fervor. We wade through gardens, wild landscapes and backyards to collect and forage the perfect ingredients, guilty of geeking out on the finer details and howling in delight at the discovery of a new darling- please excuse us.

Like our namesake suggests, the natural beauty and wild flora of the Hudson River and its neighboring valleys inspire us to the absolute core and give birth to new color palettes and textures.

Our greatest joy is giving each blossom, each tendril, the opportunity to be a part of the adventure, always embracing the fleeting nature of our work.