A large pastel colored spring garden arrangement centerpiece at a wedding

You get what you put in

The differences between florists & The value of choosing the right one

At the start of the wedding planning process, it's useful to prioritize what’s most important to you and what’s not.

Some may choose a big, luxury venue because they love being surrounded by all their friends and family. Some may choose to have an elite florist because they adore flowers. But even flower lovers still have to decide what budget to create for their wedding decor.

Since most couples have never shopped around before for wedding flowers, it can seem like a foreign concept, figuring out what’s a fair price for bouquets, centerpieces, and all the other pretty pieces that make the day special. There is certainly a huge range of pricing for wedding florals. And you may ask yourself why such a range exists? Here's why:

I like to compare the process of choosing a florist and floral budget to shopping for a chair…
You can buy a chair at Walmart.

It will be quite affordable. Probably downright cheap. It will be made of synthetic materials, likely plastic or compressed sawdust. It will look like so many other chairs in the world. It’s nothing special, but it will certainly suffice if all you want is a place to put your butt. Company that comes to your house will probably not notice the chair and almost certainly won’t admire it. Sometimes Walmart is all you can afford and that’s okay. (I say this with real heart since I grew up in a Walmart household, and we were very grateful for affordable goods.)

It will be more expensive than Walmart, but generally won’t break the piggy bank. It will be the product of the imagination of a savvy designer, but still made of standard materials and mass produced in a factory. It will probably look stylish in the moment, and company that comes to your house might notice it, maybe even have the same one or possibly ask where you got it. They could go get the exact same thing. That’s cool. I have a serious love affair with Ikea for this very reason. It’s decidedly reliable mass design.

You can buy a chair at Ikea...

the type that often seems to live in Maine. It costs more than the two options above. It’s an investment. But you greatly value artistry and having something so truly unique and special. The chair will be made out of hundred year old solid oak. The craftsman will have walked his/her woodland, knowing each tree in it, and picked the perfect specimen for the project. They will have cut the tree down themself and milled the lumber by hand. They will have waited patiently for the lumber to cure to avoid any cracks or flaws. They will then spend hours sawing, whittling, carving, sanding and joining the pieces together. It becomes a one-of-a-kind piece of art. It couldn’t be duplicated if he tried. When company comes to your house, they notice it immediately. You feel proud to have it and love sharing its story with your guests. After all, you really enjoyed getting to know the craftsman who took such care in creating it. It’s a cherished piece. It makes the room. It’s timeless. It’s worth every pretty penny.

And then you can buy a chair from a master craftsman,

All the options are valid. The results, however, are drastically different.Use a Walmart florist and you’ll get a poof of babys breath and standard/bodega roses, not dissimilar to bouquets in every grocery store across America.Use an Ikea florist and you’ll get a trendy bouquet of garden roses and maybe some succulents, not dissimilar to bouquets popping up on Pinterest every minute.Use a master craftsman and you’ll get a bouquet that is grown specifically for you, crafted with dozens of varieties of blooms and foliage you may have never even known existed. It’s exquisite. It’s truly one-of-a-kind. There are no Pins that look just like it, and you certainly would never find it in a grocery store. You’ll love sharing its unique story with your guests who will be commenting continually on how beautiful your flowers are and how “you” they are. Because they are.

It’s up to you to choose with whom to source and trust your floral designs with and why.