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Hudson Botanica is a floral and event design studio, in pursuit of wildly celebrating the natural world through artfully crafted floral designs and meaningful human experiences, both beautiful and purposeful, drawing inspiration from the wild forms and natural beauty of flowers and foliage alongside the Hudson river and embracing the natural movement and textures amongst it's neighboring valleys and mountainsides.

As much as we're all about the art of 'au natural' we also LOVE to REBEL and experiment; using unusual, bold, color-clashing, not-your-mother's combos and jump at any opportunity to present flowers and designs in an unexpected way. 

We strive tirelessly to make sure we create designs that are a unique reflection of our client, the season, and the location. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to articulate their vision and come up with a cohesive design for whatever event or space (big or small) it may be. Like good food, our floral designs start with great ingredients; therefore we put the utmost attention on carefully sourcing locally farmed and forage products whenever possible.

Then we get to do what we do best; bring it all to life and knock your socks off.


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  • Wedding Design

  • Event Design
  • Elopements

  • Installations

  • Workshops & Classes

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  • Corporate & Branding Events

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