We are believers in the magnitude of a moment, whether it's 60 seconds or hours; we're convinced being surrounded by flowers and plants in those special fleeting times, only elevates and emphasizes them more.

The subtle and constant changes in the natural world fill us with fervor. We wade through gardens, wild landscapes and backyards to collect and forage the perfect ingredients, guilty of geeking out on the finer details and howling in delight at the discovery of a new darling- please excuse us.

Like our namesake suggests, the natural beauty and wild flora of the Hudson River and its neighboring valleys inspire us to the absolute core and give birth to new color palettes and textures.

Our greatest joy is giving each blossom, each tendril, the opportunity to be a part of the adventure, always embracing the fleeting nature of our work. We believe each material has something to say and we aim to let our designs be expressive of nature and celebratory of the seasons.

We are sculptors, painters, builders and gardeners at heart and Hudson Botanica strikes a balance between all of these passions.

Our work is love made visible.

Every day, and every celebration is different. We want to know your spirit and your story, not just your style. Collaboration requires trust and we want to be in cahoots. It’s not just an event, it’s not just a job to us.

We are inspired by the unique stories and character of our couples, and cannot wait to meet and embark on a flower adventure with you. We're here to collaborate with you and bring your wonderful event to life.

Let's make some magic happen!