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for Your wedding—Meet Gather Greene; a brand new wedding venue in the Hudson valley


Gather Greene is a brand new event venue located in the Hudson Valley, two hours north of New York City. With over 100 acres, the property boasts a diverse array of settings; dramatic mountain views and rolling hills, enchanting woods and vast open fields, and even an old blasted out shale quarry with a quiet pond. Placed within this landscape, is a grand pavilion and seventeen tiny house cabins. The central design concept behind all the architecture is to blur the traditional boundaries between the outdoor and indoor spaces. For this shoot, which took place before construction was completed, we set out to create a moody series of shots to depict the property before it fully bloomed to all it’s springtime glory, to truly get a feel of the landscape. Hannah of Hudson Botanica used this landscape as inspiration for her florals, creating a natural yet lush, freshly-gathered, romantic vibe with lots of wispy greenery and a palette of earthy and muted tones from cream, mauve, light blushes and touches of warm apricot. A stunning garland, which included items foraged from the property, was draped along one side of Gather Greene’s tiny house cabin, which we feel would be a fitting touch for any couple’s stay on the property. 

Gather Greene is filling a much needed niche in the Hudson Valley venue market, with a focus on more modern design and a vibe that is more in line with a nature retreat than an all night rager. With friends and family scattered across the globe, bringing everyone out of their busy lives and together for a few days is a rare occurrence. For this reason, Gather Greene weddings consist of a full weekend buyout of the property with up to thirty-four guests staying together right on the grounds. Whether hanging out on the cabin ridge decks, by a bonfire in the shale quarry, or relaxing in wooded hammock circles, the aim is to draw out the time, making a wedding weekend feel just a bit longer. 

Gather Greene is accepting bookings for Fall 2018 and on.